MobileBungee 1.00

Do a bungee jump on your phone


  • Intuitive power-bar-based control system
  • Two player mode
  • High scores


  • Poor graphics
  • Repetitive

Not bad

Personally, I think you'd have to be mad to do a bungee jump. The experience of falling isn't something I enjoy so even if I've got a rope tied to my legs, I'm not interested. Besides, I can now use my phone to bungee thanks to this Java game.

MobileBungee simulates the ridiculous pasttime, charging you with the task of calculating the right length of rope so that you don't crash land when jumping from your crane/bridge/building/hot air balloon.

It's a pretty simple concept and the game is pretty simple to play. You choose the length of rope you wish to use by hitting the '5' key when the power bar reaches your desired point, then try for maximum accuracy by stopping the bar in the right place. Your little man will then take the plunge - if he hits the ground you lose a life - if he bounces then you get points depending on the length of the jump.

It's a bit of fun, but the graphics are quite plain and it soon becomes very repetitive, though the game's longevity is increased by the inclusion of a two player mode and high scores table.

If you've always wanted to do a bungee jump but lack the guts needed then MobileBungee lets you do it from the safety of the bus.

Jump from cranes, bridges, buildings and hot air balloons in this bungee jumping game on your mobile phone. Get the rope length just right to score massive points, too much and it`s curtains! At the start of the jump you will be shown the jump height - you need to keep this number in mind.

Just before you jump you will see a power-bar which is moving rapidly. The top of this bar represents 1,000ft of rope (note: this does not translate to a 1000ft jump - the rope stretches). Now, when the bar is roughly where you want it - press and HOLD the 5 key - the bar now moves slowly over a smaller area, this is to allow maximum accuracy. Let go of the 5 key and your character will make the jump. If he survives you get some points, and if not, you lose a life.



MobileBungee 1.00

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